Feb 25

My GoDaddy.com Cancellation Survey


After canceling everything on my godaddy.com account (except for my domain registrations), I was immediately directed to a survey page asking why.  Here’s what I wrote:


GoDaddy’s services were extremely lacking.  The only service that I didn’t have trouble with was registering and administering a domain name.  Each service was and is separate which makes the creation, administering, and canceling a huge pain.  I have been trying to cancel accounts for an hour now and have not been able to find links and simple things like a button that says ‘cancel account.’  The problem was not with canceling, however, it was that administration actions were equally hard to find whenever I owned a godaddy account.  I originally came to godaddy from another hosting company because of the commercials and a smooth looking website.  Unfortunately, it was all looks… there was not much of a common sense approach to doing things through the website.  Additionally, I was moved to a server that didn’t allow secure FTP connections without my knowledge.  When I tried to connect one day, I couldn’t get through.  After calling godaddy, they told me that there was nothing that they could do.  I was very clear in my question:  “Is there no way that I can transfer files from my home client to your servers securely?”  The answer was no and I told the representative that I was going to close my accounts.  I am following through on my promise after such poor customer service.  There are many hosting and domain registrations services… there’s no room for bad customer service!


Always remember… WHAT IF AND WHY NOT?!?