June 10

APPLE: They’ve Done It Again!

I just got finished watching the key-note address from their World Wide Developers Conference, which I watch every year without fail. This conference’s key-note was one of the most enjoyable that I’ve ever seen! Their innovation knows no bounds, and here’s some of the highlights: – An all new architecture for battery life in their.

June 2

Public/Private Key as User/Root

Sometimes it’s the small things that are fun to think through. Β I was recently transferring a plethora of files between two servers, so I set up a private/public key to avoid typing in a user password every time I hit enter. I usually use the secure copy (scp) command to transfer files via command line,.

February 25


I’ve been typing so much that my wrists turned red and hurt from laying them on the laptop πŸ™‚ I don’t mind, though. Server administration is awesome and I love these projects. I hope you enjoy them too! – Sent from my iPhone —————————————– Always remember… WHAT IF AND WHY NOT?!?

February 25

My GoDaddy.com Cancellation Survey

After canceling everything on my godaddy.com account (except for my domain registrations), I was immediately directed to a survey page asking why.  Here’s what I wrote: ——————————————————— – GODADDY CANCELLATION SURVEY – ——————————————————— GoDaddy’s services were extremely lacking.  The only service that I didn’t have trouble with was registering and administering a domain name.  Each.