October 13

VMWare ESXi — Try This At Home

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— For years now, I’ve been using VMWare Fusion for all of my home/lab virtual environments. It’s a wonderful way to create all of your experiments, or even real world servers, in the compact environment of your home desktop computer. At work, however, this type of virtual setup.

September 7

VMWare Networking (eth0 vs eth1)

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— One of the best and most efficient ways to have a test network is to use VMWare (or any virtual machine) software to create test computers. In this particular case, I was creating a CentOS 6.4 machine similar to my active webserver to test against. As is.

June 26

IP Subnetting — let’s figure it out!

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— IP address subnetting is actually pretty easy when you understand the individual components.  In this writing, I’ll attempt to give you the tools to understand those components so that you can take any subnetting scenario to a logical conclusion.  This will only be a novice view, so.

May 15

IP Tables (explanation in efficiency)

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— IP Tables are a set of rules that you define to allow or reject network traffic from entering into your system. The ones that I am referring to are for a UNIX (Linux) type system.  As a default, the IP Tables specify what’s called an ‘implicit deny’.