September 8

WordPress (Update Fail)

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— Sometimes, during the smallest of routines, you can come across something that can take hours to figure out!  Fortunately, if you’ve been through the same situation in the past, you can come up with the solution within seconds and go along your way. This writing is for.

May 22

Server Migration (httpd.conf & mysql)

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— The following will be a small experiment to answer some questions that have peaked my curiosity. In this scenario, I have two separate CentOS servers with two different public IP addresses. Both have SSH enabled through the firewall and I need to move multiple websites from server.

April 13

WordPress Attack!!! Let’s take a look

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— Recently, an article was written regarding a massive attack on WordPress sites through an array of linked computers. The analogy was that one (1) fire hose could be pointed at a brick wall with no destruction… but hundreds and even thousands of fire hoses pointed at that.

March 5

WordPress Interface Overview

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— HOW TO USE WORDPRESS   The following tutorial is designed to be a reference guide. If you’d like an all around big picture aspect of WordPress, this is your place. This writing is designed to break apart each of the default installation’s buttons and explain to the.

March 1

VSFTPD and WordPress

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— I was starting to get frustrated with the update and install process for WordPress.  Permissions were good and settings were correct, however when I filled in the connection information for the upgrade, a ‘Failed to Connect to FTP Server’ would rear it’s ugly head. As I was.

February 28

Fedora (Let’s Make A Server!)

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— The first time that I installed Fedora onto a random machine was when Fedora Core 3 had just been released. I didn’t really know much about the system, but then again, I wasn’t really interested in learning it either. My true mission at that time was to.

February 25

Drupal Install (Because Why Not?!?)

I’ve been using wordpress for all of my content management system (CMS) needs, so I figured, WHY NOT?!?  Try Drupal and learn something.  So this is me starting to use Drupal.  We’ll see what happens. I was introduced to wordpress through my account on (horrible service… see write-up here) and proceeded to use their.