March 30

Quick – I Need an OpenVPN Server!

#This install assumes CentOS/Redhat/Fedora   SERVER SETUP: sudo yum update # net-tools install resolves errors explained later sudo yum install net-tools vim screen wget firewalld sestatus #change selinux=disabled sudo vim /etc/selinux/config   FIREWALL SETUP: sudo systemctl enable firewalld sudo service firewalld start sudo firewall-cmd –state sudo firewall-cmd –get active zones sudo firewall-cmd –list-all sudo firewall-cmd.

September 9

AWS Strategy – iRedMail Server

CREATE INSTANCES FOR IREDMAIL: Create AWS account – some instances are free for one year AWS – create EFS to store all emails NOTE: make it private with no public IP address AWS – create EC2 using RH7 (see supported distributions) NOTE: make it public, but note both public & private addresses NOTE: the free.

September 7

AWS Strategy – Webpage Server

SECURITY GROUPS – Create one for each service (isolate IPs accordingly) RDS instance (mysql – set security group to only MySQL) EFS instance (keep logs .conf and http files) EC2 instance (the engine that runs the show) Linux login – log in with new .pem file Linux update – sudo yum -y update Linux EFS.

December 21

Server Replication (the easy way)

shell> yum -y install lua lua-devel pkgconfig gcc asciidoc shell> sudo tar zxf lsyncd-2.1.4.tar.gz
shell> cd lsyncd-2.1.4 shell> export CFLAGS=”-march=native -O2″           #sudo wouldn’t work on this one… shell> sudo ./configure && make && make install shell> sudo mkdir /var/log/lsyncd shell> sudo nano /etc/init.d/lsyncd shell> sudo nano /etc/logrotate.d/lsyncd shell> sudo logrotate -d /etc/logrotate.d/lsyncd MESSAGE:
reading config file /etc/logrotate.d/lsyncd

December 21

DEFCON 21 — Fantastic!

The Rio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV Star Wars spandex… AWESOME!! Pacmfan – github RTK 8187 chipset – pwnpi 321 rule – 3 hrs sleep / 2 meals / 1 shower! DEFCON 101: Who wants to volunteer? If you don’t have your hand up, get the fuck up here! Seriously, those are the worst.

December 21

WordPress Attacks: Brute Force Logs

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— There are literally millions of ‘bots’ out there on the internet which target WordPress installations on a daily basis. This quick post will talk briefly on one type of attack called a Brute Force attack which attempts to log into your WordPress site using several common and.

December 21

Quick – I Need a Cloud Server!

#This installation assumes CentOS/RedHat/Fedora NEXTCLOUD SETUP: SERVER SOFTWARE INSTALLS: sudo yum -y install screen vim iptables-services net-tools wget unzip epel-release #if you’d rather ‘firewalld’ use this: sudo yum -y install screen vim firewalld net-tools wget unzip epel-release SELINUX DISABLE: #change selinux=disabled sudo vim /etc/selinux/config FIREWALL SETUP: #iptables: sudo iptables -L sudo iptables -I INPUT -m.

December 6

The [ERROR] of my ways

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— This post is simply an eclectic mixture of the various ERROR messages I run into on a daily basis.  Maybe this will help someone as they’re googling for their answers one day. Enjoy! ——————————————————————— – APACHE FAIL (FQDN) – ——————————————————————— ERROR: shell> service httpd restart Stopping httpd:.

December 1

MySQL Replication (the easy way)

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— Recently, there was a hardware failure on my primary mail server, which left me (and my clients) without email for an entire day.  Although it was possible to use one of my backups to get us up and running again, I decided to take another route.  After.

September 7

VMWare Networking (eth0 vs eth1)

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— One of the best and most efficient ways to have a test network is to use VMWare (or any virtual machine) software to create test computers. In this particular case, I was creating a CentOS 6.4 machine similar to my active webserver to test against. As is.