April 1

Security Alert!! – WordPress ‘admin’ Bot

‘admin’ Brute Force Bot: I logged into my website and discovered that there was a new user called ‘admin’ within my users. This ‘admin’ account had subscriber status. The first thing I did was delete the account and all the content… low and behold, my entire site lost its content. Therefore, the new account (with.

March 30

Quick – I Need an OpenVPN Server!

#This install assumes CentOS/Redhat/Fedora   SERVER SETUP: sudo yum update # net-tools install resolves errors explained later sudo yum install net-tools vim screen wget firewalld sestatus #change selinux=disabled sudo vim /etc/selinux/config   FIREWALL SETUP: sudo systemctl enable firewalld sudo service firewalld start sudo firewall-cmd –state sudo firewall-cmd –get active zones sudo firewall-cmd –list-all sudo firewall-cmd.

September 9

AWS Strategy – iRedMail Server

CREATE INSTANCES FOR IREDMAIL: Create AWS account – some instances are free for one year AWS – create EFS to store all emails NOTE: make it private with no public IP address AWS – create EC2 using RH7 (see supported distributions) NOTE: make it public, but note both public & private addresses NOTE: the free.

September 7

AWS Strategy – Webpage Server

SECURITY GROUPS – Create one for each service (isolate IPs accordingly) RDS instance (mysql – set security group to only MySQL) EFS instance (keep logs .conf and http files) EC2 instance (the engine that runs the show) Linux login – log in with new .pem file Linux update – sudo yum -y update Linux EFS.

October 13

VMWare ESXi — Try This At Home

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— For years now, I’ve been using VMWare Fusion for all of my home/lab virtual environments. It’s a wonderful way to create all of your experiments, or even real world servers, in the compact environment of your home desktop computer. At work, however, this type of virtual setup.

September 8

WordPress (Update Fail)

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— Sometimes, during the smallest of routines, you can come across something that can take hours to figure out!  Fortunately, if you’ve been through the same situation in the past, you can come up with the solution within seconds and go along your way. This writing is for.

September 2

Apache or httpd (Accept Passphrase on Boot)

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— This experiment was conducted on a CentOS 6 installation of Linux.  As always, with any other installations of Linux, there may be slightly different commands and directories to consider, but the theory is the same.  Try it out if you like the concept… WHY NOT?!? This experiment.

August 24

Fail2Ban vs. Firewall…. FIGHT!

——————————————————————— – OVERVIEW / THOUGHT PROCESS – ——————————————————————— For months now, I’ve been dealing with customers calling about their email services being no longer available. By the time I troubleshoot the problem, their email has come back on line which created a ‘could not duplicate’ finality to the problem. As such, I got extremely curious.

December 21

Server Replication (the easy way)

shell> yum -y install lua lua-devel pkgconfig gcc asciidoc shell> sudo tar zxf lsyncd-2.1.4.tar.gz
shell> cd lsyncd-2.1.4 shell> export CFLAGS=”-march=native -O2″           #sudo wouldn’t work on this one… shell> sudo ./configure && make && make install shell> sudo mkdir /var/log/lsyncd shell> sudo nano /etc/init.d/lsyncd shell> sudo nano /etc/logrotate.d/lsyncd shell> sudo logrotate -d /etc/logrotate.d/lsyncd MESSAGE:
reading config file /etc/logrotate.d/lsyncd

December 21

DEFCON 21 — Fantastic!

The Rio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV Star Wars spandex… AWESOME!! Pacmfan – github RTK 8187 chipset – pwnpi 321 rule – 3 hrs sleep / 2 meals / 1 shower! DEFCON 101: Who wants to volunteer? If you don’t have your hand up, get the fuck up here! Seriously, those are the worst.