Jun 10

APPLE: They’ve Done It Again!


I just got finished watching the key-note address from their World Wide Developers Conference, which I watch every year without fail. This conference’s key-note was one of the most enjoyable that I’ve ever seen! Their innovation knows no bounds, and here’s some of the highlights:

– An all new architecture for battery life in their desktops and iOS devices. One of the things that draws battery life more than anything else is the processor, and they have figured out a way to combine hundreds of processes into one. The dumbed down version is that instead of the processor waking up every second to do a calculation, it waits to combine ten or twenty at once so that it’s only waking up a fraction of the time… saving up to 72% of your battery life!!

– Keynote, Numbers and Pages in a webpage.  When you log onto your cloud account through your favorite web browser, you will be presented with three new icons.  You can now edit, save, and share all of your documents through this new interface without having any of the software installed on your computer.  It’s the future of productivity!!

– iOS7!! Yes, I know… they always have iOS updates; but this one is the biggest change since the iPhone was released! An entirely new look and feel. I can’t even explain it in this writing… you’ll have to see it for yourself. It’s going to be amazing!

– And lastly, an all new design for a desktop computer. It’s something that should have been done from day one! We always think of desktop computers as a rectangle with a flat motherboard. Instead, they went completely ‘out of the box’ and created a revolutionary Unified Thermal Core. In essence, it’s a circle with three boards forming a triangle inside of the circle. The middle is composed of the heat sync which touches all three sides of the triangle, and air is passed through the middle and out of the top. All three sides share the heat burden and dissipate it through the center. Not to mention the hardware which includes most advanced components that a desktop has ever seen. AMAZING!

As always, they’re showcasing everything on https://www.apple.com and I encourage you to take a look. Although these things are available to developers, they won’t be available to the consumer until the fall. Believe me when I tell you, I think we’ll all fall for the new product line!